The results of our Brexit: Your Views survey

The results of our Brexit: Your Views survey

Last month we asked you, our members to give us your views on the Prime Minister’s ‘Chequers’ proposals for our future trading relationship with the European Union. 

The response was truly incredible and produced some jaw-dropping results, with many members opposed to the Prime Minister’s plans and many respondents, on both sides of the debate, clearly feeling very strongly about the proposals.

The results of our survey were so remarkable in fact that our Founder, Don Porter CBE, was invited to write an op-ed article for the Daily Telegraph. In the article, Don explains why, given the results of our survey, it appears “Tory members can no longer grin and bear Theresa May’s handling of Brexit”.

If you are interested in seeing the responded breakdown we have published in here (we have not published comments for confidentiality reasons).

One significant takeaway was that of those surveyed, 70% strongly disagreed with the PM’s vision for our future relationship with the EU.

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