Our recent survey: you spoke, we listened

Our recent survey: you spoke, we listened

As you know, Conservative Voice exists to listen to you, the grassroots members and activists of the Conservative Party, so we can amplify your views to the leadership of our Party.

In our recent survey, 33% of our respondents strongly disagreed, or disagreed that Boris Johnson did the right thing by resigning as Prime Minister. A number of comments also indicated frustration that Boris Johnson will no longer continue as Prime Minister of our country. 

Lord Peter Cruddas and David Campbell Bannerman have launched a petition calling for Boris Johnson to be added to the ballot as an option for Conservative Party members when voting for the next Leader of the Conservative Party opens. 

Conservative Voice is not involved in this petition, and as you know, we never take a ‘corporate’ position on issues, but rather seek to represent and further your views. As such, in response to the proportion of those who wanted Boris Johnson to continue as our Prime Minister, we felt it important that we share this petition with you. You can find it here.

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