Survey results - Next Conservative Party leader

  • 12th July 2022
Survey results - Next Conservative Party leader

“The results from our poll paint a clear picture. The Party wants change. 69% either agree, or strongly agree that the next leader of the Conservative Party needs to radically change the direction of the Government. There is however, far less clarity on who the right individual to deliver that change is. The field is wide open.  It is therefore imperative that the contest follows due process, and members are given the full opportunity to hear all candidates ideas and policies before having the opportunity to vote for their choice of Leader. Our Party members will help ensure our next Leader and PM embodies the true values of the Conservative Party, and takes our country in the right direction, honouring and delivering on the mandate the Conservative Party was given by the British people in2019”

– Don Porter CBE co-Founder, Conservative Voice and Former National Chairman of Volunteers

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