About Us

Conservative Voice

Conservative Voice is an exciting and dynamic group set up to unite all generations of the centre-Right of the party. We are currently the fastest growing group within the conservative family, with exciting plans for the future.

We work towards bringing the parliamentary and voluntary party together to focus on effective campaigning. Conservative Voice is a place for the grassroots to make themselves heard.

Free Market Economy

Supporting enterprise, economic growth and a free market economy – not only because this creates wealth, but because it is the best way to help the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable.

Stronger Communities

Building a bigger society, by encouraging freedoms for individuals, families and communities.

Social Mobility

Supporting families, social mobility and meritocracy. We believe that each individual, regardless of their background, should be able to fulfil their aspirations if they work hard and do the right thing.

Standing up for the United Kingdom

Standing up for the United Kingdom and the British way of life, with a foreign policy that protects Britain’s standing in the world, keeps our borders safe with effective immigration controls, and taking a firm but fair approach to law and order.

An outward looking Britain

We believe that Britain should take full advantage of the economic and political opportunities presented by leaving the European Union. We must project openness and strengthen our relationships with partners from across the globe.

The Core Team

Don Porter

Brian Hamill

Alex Le Vey

Josh Lambkin

Richard Murphy

Alicja Borkowska